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Suppliers of miniature road vehicles and finescale Laser Cut, 3D Printed, Resin and Ready made models kits and components for use by Railway and Diorama Modellers

Vintage Miniature


Vintage Miniature


Vintage Miniature Models is pleased to be working with Peedie Models on Orkney nominated for the Small Business Saturday top 100 Small Business's Award 2019 

About Vintage  Miniature Models

As a young child who spent most of his formative years in the German city of Bielefeld where dad was stationed as a member of BAOR my life was rather spoilt by the fact that in Germany you could at that time (the late 1950's early1960's) you could recreate Germany in miniature thanks to the likes of of Flieschmann, Marklin, Trix and Arnold who together with Faller, Kibri, Vollmer Busch and Herpa who quite literally produced all you would ever need. Add to this the fact that every house in Germany had a cellar including British Army quarters and the fact that a colleague of my dad had a mini version of Hamburgs Miniatur Wunderland and my views were changed forever. My problem was that it was dads model railway and the Hornby Dublo 3 Rail was here to stay.



Fast forward some four decades and you find me modelling in N or to be precise 2mm finescale and very dissatisfied with the "blobs of Solder" that are supposed to be 50's and 60's Commercial Vehicles. In 2011 a chance meeting with the MD of one of Britains best known die-cast and model suppliers lead to not only to a new range of commercial vehicles but the formation of vintage transport in miniature          

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