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It's not just the trains that bring model Layouts to life!

Scenic and Diorama specialists

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Suppliers of miniature road vehicles and finescale Laser Cut, 3D Printed, Resin and Ready made models kits and components for use by Railway and Diorama Modellers

Vintage Miniature


Vintage Miniature


Vintage Miniature Models is pleased to be working with Peedie Models on Orkney nominated for the Small Business Saturday top 100 Small Business's Award 2019 

BT Models

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the contentsof this site are the property of Vintage Transport in Miniature Mr G Eason and his suppliers no reproduction without permission

Owing to the size of the BT Models range only samples of Items available from our supplier are shown. Unfortunately due to certain curcumstances the future of this range is now uncertain and as supplies of N gauge models dry up we ynderstand they will not be renewed please refer to the John Ayrey Die Casts website http://johnayrey.widagroup.net please note that this is a trade only site however it is open to the public for information only

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British Railways pre-'68 livery

British Rail post

-'68 liveries

Bread Vans


pre -'70's Liveries