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Vintage Miniature


Vintage Miniature


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Thames Sailing Barges in OO and N Gauge

Kit Dimensions (cms)


OO model                                                       N Gauge Model

Length 37 cms Spritsail version                   Length 18.5cms

Length 30 cms Staysail version                    Length 15 cms    

Width 7.5 cms                                               Width   3.75 cms

Kit Contents


Resin Hull, Deck, Hold sides, transom, Rudder, Steering Gear, access Hatches and wheel stand

3D printed items Dinghy, winches, bollards and Anchors.

Plastic Rod MainMast,Gaff and CargoBoom, Mizzen Mast Gaff and Boom, Bowsprit and boom deck supports

Canvas Hold Cover and Sails

Laser cut Ratlines and mast stays

Instructions, Painting and Rigging Diagram.

Although most closely associated with the Thames these vessels could be seen wherever their cargos could take them, including the Channel and North Sea ports of Europe, and, throughout Britain.


The Sailing barge possibly originated from the Dutch Tjalk a small sailing cargo Barge used on the Sheldt , Rhine and other rivers and canals in Holland. Although there is no evidence to proove this there are similarities in the design of the vessels notably the use of "Otter" or Lea Boards mounted either side of the vessel to act as stablizers in rough weather.


Like many things the heyday of the Thames Barges was from about the turn of the 20th century until around the late 1950's early 60's when road transport began to take business away from their owners, so that many of them could be seen laid up on the Medway, Colne, Stour and Blackwater. Fortunately like Steam Locomotives the Thames Barge had a sizeable following and many have survived in the hands of enthusiasts, or as tourist vessels offering party and anniversary venues and cruising vessels.      

Port34 Portstern34 Bow port Bow Starboard Blackwater maid bow fittings Blackwater Maid Complete Hull in Primer Blackwater Maid main parts star 34 Starboard View ordering

N £30

OO £65